Helping Your Baby Sleep Through the Night - A practical step-by-step video for new parents
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Resources For New Parents

Baby Sleep Guidelines...

from the American Academy of Pediatrics regarding infant sleep. (Oct-10-2005) Read more

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Baby Sleep Books

"Helping Your Child Sleep Through the Night" by Susie Schevill and Joanne Cuthbertson, Main Street Books.
This was the first book to be written on this subject, and remains the classic. The video is based, in part, on the book. There are many excellent tips about sleep problems you may experience with your baby or toddler.

"Sleeping Through the Night", by Dr. Jodi A. Mindell, PhD, published by Harper Resource.
Dr. Mindell is nationally recognized as one of the leading experts on this issue. Her book is also filled with many suggestions on baby sleep problems.

Baby Sleep Research Articles

Here are relevant studies examining typical sleep patterns of infants.

Harrison Y. The relationship between daytime exposure to light and night-time sleep in 6-12-week-old infants. read more

Goodlin-Jones BL, et al. Night waking, sleep-wake organization, and self-soothing in the first year of life. read more

Ian St James-Roberts, PhDa, et al. Infant Crying and Sleeping in London, Copenhagen and When Parents Adopt a "Proximal" Form of Care. read more . This recently published article (June 2006) reaffirms the baby sleep training methods we illustrate in our DVD.

Évelyne Touchette, BSc, et al. Factors Associated With Fragmented Sleep at Night Across Early Childhood. read more . Helpful suggestions in how to remedy baby sleep problems are presented in this thoughtful article.

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