Helping Your Baby Sleep Through the Night - A practical step-by-step video for new parents
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New York Times

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Amy Wolfson, Ph.D.

Dr. Amy Wolfson, Associate Professor of Psychology at the College of the Holy Cross and a nationally recognized sleep expert, put our techniques to the test. She and her associates found that a stunning 96% of 16- 20-week-old infants whose parents were taught the methods in the video, slept through the night at least 5+ nights-per-week! Mothers and fathers who used these easy gentle techniques reported remarkably greater confidence as parents too.

(Study: Wolfson, A., Lacks, P., & Futterman, A. (1992). The effects of parent training on infant sleeping patterns, parents' stress and perceived competence. Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, 60(1), 41-48.)

Dr. Wolfson has been featured in The New York Times, Boston Globe, Oprah Magazine, Redbook, Self, Woman's Day, Working Mother and many other magazines and newspapers across the nation. In addition, her first book was published in 2001, The Woman's Book of Sleep: A Complete Resource Guide.

"Helping Your Baby Sleep through the Night, provides parents with clear, practical, and soothing guidelines for establishing quality sleep habits in their babies and toddlers early on. This safe and practical approach has been evaluated and approved by prominent researchers, pediatricians, and other medical clinicians. Parents can quickly apply these simple effective steps, achieving the goal of a wonderful night's sleep for their babies and themselves."
Dr. Amy Wolfson

Other Experts Speak

"At last! A practical guide for parents of newborns who are not sleeping through the night."
William Dement, MD
Founding Director,
Stanford University Medical School Sleep Center
"Delightful and informative...I used it to help my own daughter sleep through the night and I'd recommend it to all new mothers."
Judy Page
Physician and New Parent
"Entertaining and beautifully done...with a warm and loving family oriented approach to a subject all parents wonder and worry about."
Deena Young
Certified Nurse Midwife
"It's beautifully crafted and clear in its message. It should help thousands of parents!"
Barton Schmitt, MD
Author, "Your Child's Health"

Letters from Parents

"Helping Your Baby Sleep Through the Night was very helpful to us in getting all 3 of our children into good sleeping habits. The instructions are practical and easy to follow, even for the sleep deprived! We are happy to highly recommend this wonderful video.
Sue and Jeff
"My mom gave us the video soon after Brian was born, and were we ever happy to get it. Within 6 weeks after his birth, he began to sleep from midnight to 6, and that continued to lengthen to 10 hours per night by the time he was 10 weeks old. Our friends with new babies wanted to know our secret, so we just bought them the video. Why don't they talk about this issue in new parent classes?"
Leland and Debra