Helping Your Baby Sleep Through the Night - A practical step-by-step video for new parents
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About Us

Donald Goldmacher, MD and Michael Fox, R.N created the Media Center for Health Concerns to provide media materials that will help people prevent health problems before they start. Our first video, "Helping Your Baby Sleep Through the Night", was created to help new parents in their efforts to eliminate middle of the night feedings. It has helped thousands of new parents get past the first few months of sleep deprivation, and begin to truly enjoy their new baby.

Donald Goldmacher M.D.

Donald Goldmacher (President of PsychComp Associates) is both a psychiatrist and a filmmaker. While in medical school, he was a research assistant in the field of sleep research, and then received a fellowship in sleep research from the National Institute of Mental Health. He has served as director of Planning for the California Department of Health, and was the director of Mental Health, Alcohol, and Drug Abuse Services of Contra Costa County, CA. His first film, Do No Harm, revealed the controversial marketing and research practices of the pharmaceutical industry. His most recent film, "Ruthie and Connie; Every Room in the House", won over 20 festival awards around the world, was shown on HBO for a year, is on television around the world, and can now be seen on the LOGO channel in the United States. For information on how to obtain a copy of the film, visit the website. Dr. Goldmacher can be reached at

Michael Fox, RN
Perinatal Resource Group, CA

Michael Fox is a co-founder of the Media Center for Health Concerns. In addition he is the director of the Perinatal Resource Group, a multidisciplinary team that consults with hospitals around the country on provider education, patient safety and program redesign. He recently wrote and co-produced a series of videos on Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring for Kaiser Permanente which is also being utilized by hospitals outside the Kaiser system around the country. He received his BSN from San Francisco State University. Michael served as the perinatal outreach educator at University of California at San Francisco, Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences, San Francisco, California, USA. He currently is working on a grant through the UCSF School of nursing to improve patient safety by helping change the way providers collaborate with one another. Michael is also the co-project investigator for the Situation Awareness Project at UCSF. The project is involved in training staff throughout the hospital in advanced decision making skills and participating in debriefing staff involved in critical event and exemplary practice. Mr. Fox can be contacted at